EnGage is committed to students’ academic progress. Students at EnGage are encouraged not to compare themselves to others based on the belief that progress is personal and students should be proud of their own achievements.


At EnGage, we understand that the education system can often apply an overwhelming amount of pressure onto students. EnGage aims to provide students with both academic and emotional support, particularly for those facing important examinations.

Aiming High

Students are encouraged to escape the mentality that their achievements are limited. Anything is possible with the right attitude, and tutors at EnGage aim to help broaden students’ horizons.

Embracing Difference

One size does not fit all. Tutors at EnGage are dedicated to adapting their teaching styles to suit the individual needs of each student.

EnGage has experience in working with students with EHC Plans and SEN and are passionate about providing personalised tuition that meets students’ requirements.

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