Y6 to Y7 Workshop

Friday 13th August
1pm until 4pm

Waller Park Pavilion
Wood Lane

The Y6 to Y7 Workshop is designed to prepare students for starting secondary school in September 2021.

The process of transitioning from primary to secondary school can be daunting for many children, especially those who have had their last couple of years at primary school affected by the pandemic!

EnGage’s Y6 to Y7 Workshop is a fun, engaging and reassuring event that will give students a head start at secondary school by introducing key academic concepts, exploring areas of the Year 7 curriculum and maybe even giving students an opportunity to meet other children that will be attending the same school as them!

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11+ Workshop

Wednesday 11th August
10am – 1pm
(For students starting year 5 in Sept 2021)

Wednesday 25th August
10am – 1.30pm
(For students starting year 6 in Sept 2021)

Mick Jagger Centre
Shepherds Lane

We are really excited to announce our 11+ Workshops taking place in August 2021!
The workshops are open to both new and existing students at EnGage, and are designed to prepare students for the 11+ Kent Test in a way that is fun, interactive and memorable!

Our 11+ Workshops for students entering Year 5 will introduce 11+ material and question styles, giving students a taster to kickstart their preparation for the September 2022 tests!

Our 11+ Workshop for students entering Year 6 is designed to consolidate knowledge, develop skills and exam technique, and prepare students for this year’s 11+ entrance exams. Our workshop is the final boost that they may need to walk into their tests this September with confidence.

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EnGage Collection 2020

Earlier this year, we began working on a new project: The EnGage Collection 2020! To celebrate the talents of our students, we gathered some of their excellent poems, stories, articles and illustrations and printed them all together in a keepsake book!

Alongside academic performance and progress, recognition of our students’ creativity and talents are key. No two children are the same, and this Collection celebrates and takes pride in these differences. A collaboration of student work in forms of poetry, articles, short stories and illustrations, the EnGage Collection has given scope for students to express themselves, share important messages and let their imaginations run free.

2020 has undoubtedly been a turbulent year for education. However, throughout these challenging times, the inspirational determination and drive of EnGage’s students and tutors has remained consistent. Students have embraced online lessons with the same perseverance and zeal with which they have always approached their learning and have continued to work hard, whilst having fun.


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Phone: 07990 959897





William, aged 6, is a very imaginative writer and has a talent for story-telling!

He has won a prize and certificate for his brilliant ‘Garden Story’ (Page 22).




Brooke, aged 10, is an extremely talented and beautifully detailed artist!

She has won a prize and certificate for her exceptional painting, as seen on page 36!




Neve, aged 9, is a very witty and creative writer!

She has won a prize and certificate for her brilliant ‘Diary Entry from 2020’, written from the perspective of a student learning about coronavirus in the future! (Pages 26 & 27).


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